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02 December 2011 @ 06:30 am
Мои твиты  
  • Чт, 06:35: dang lol I come back from waffle house and wash my face and it's already time for me to wake up for class
  • Чт, 07:44: #ironman #spiderman #batman #venom dancing at a black kids party LMAO you NEED to watch this - http://t.co/yYWx5ruB
  • Чт, 08:55: so tempted to sleep in for my food coma…I need to go to class though
  • Чт, 10:01: waffle house at 4AM, haven't slept since yesterday & my only class just got canceled...I'm liking this new identity I stole from the library
  • Чт, 20:16: You Found me - The Fray <3
  • Пт, 05:45: just got back from Zee's….I need to start sleeping omg, I'm gonna fall asleep in my food later
  • Пт, 05:53: why am I not tired now? I think I"m slowly becoming a vampire